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Billy Blythe Premiere in NYC

By billyblytheopera

Billy Blythe will have its full premiere by the Metropolis Opera Project at the Medicine Show Theatre on June 19 and 20 in New York... »

Check Out Billy Blythe on YouTube!

By billyblytheopera

We have a YouTube channel just for Billy Blythe! More footage is always on the way, but enjoy a few scenes right now from our workshop in November. The footage is from our performance at the Women's City Club ballroom and stay tuned for the Bar-Opera version at the Legendary White Water Tavern. Kudos to Ms.... »

Billy Blythe in The Christian Science Monitor!

By billyblytheopera

By Suzi Parker, Correspondent / December 17, 2010 Little Rock, Ark. • A local, slice-of-life story from a Monitor correspondent. With a colorful, conflicted story, former President Bill Clinton’s life seems ready-made as an opera. “Billy Blythe,” an opera about a day in the life of a teenage Bill Clinton, recently debuted in Arkansas. The story highlights Mr. Clinton’s family life as he struggles... »

Billy Blythe in The London Daily Telegraph

By billyblytheopera

Bill Clinton's life turned into opera From small-town boy to leader of the free world, disgraced US president to rehabilitated elder statesman, the life of Bill Clinton has been one of dramatic turns. The opera is set in Hot Springs, where Bill... »

Billy Blythe in The Economist

By billyblytheopera

Bill Clinton: the opera Blythe spirit The former president in a new guise Nov 25th 2010 | LITTLE ROCK | from PRINT EDITION NO OTHER speaker, not even Barack Obama himself, was in as much demand as Bill Clinton on the Democratic campaign trail... »

Billy Blythe Review in The Arkansas Times

By billyblytheopera

REVIEWS / THEATER 'Billy Blythe' preview shows promise Posted by Lindsey Millar on Tue, Nov 23, 2010 at 9:46 AM "Billy Blythe" represents an "opportunity to bring opera back to the people," director Jeremy Franklin told a near-capacity crowd at its premiere... »